Palm Trees & a Motorcycle Ride

Heres a shot from our dog walk this morning. Palm trees in the pre dawn light.

My car is in the shop, getting a seal replaced. It was waiting for the part for a long time. Last evening I pressure washed the oil stain from my driveway parking spot.

Im riding the scooter today, first time in a long time.

Hapoy Friday ! Have a great weekend!

Sea Swim Season Starting Soon

March is almost over, unbelievably, and soon the sea swim season starts. I’ve been training and am looking forward to a good sea swim year.

Above is yesterday’s half mile.

I’m looking forward to a quiet day at work. One guy on holiday and another on travel. My van is in the shop for 100K maintenance, so it’s a scooter day. I haven’t been riding much lately.

Have a wonderful day and see you here tomorrow!

Nice Weekend Ended

Monday is here at last! It was a good weekend. Saturday was the 1 Mile Sea Swim, I came in 308 out of 550.

Sunday i took he dogs to the beach, then gave baths and then made the third anti chicken lid for the third planter. I still have to put the screen on it. Also, I have to finish refurbishing the original planter #1.

Maybe we’ll get some weather coming, maybe just rain, but I won’t get a ride-the-scooter week like I wanted.

But, all is well and I hope you have a wonderful week.

Shockingly Expensive But Worth It To Me.

Yesterday i got my tires changed on my scooter. Those little tires cost almost twice what my tires on my van costed! And I finally got a new battery. It costed a lot too, but supposedly is a really good battery and will be the last I ever need. Wee shall see! It was shockingly expensive. But I’m glad to have it behind me.

And it’s Friday!

In other news, my Monstera plant is making a flower, it’s going to be real purdy. More to come.

Have a great weekend!

Back To Old Phone

I switched back to my old phone,the new one just isn’t worth the hassle.

It’s a day off, use it or lose it vacation Friday. It’s almost 2022. Unbelievable.

Here it’s cloudy with a chance of rain. I’m going diving, I like it better when it’s sunny.

Remember December 13th, when I told you my motorcycle helmet broke? I ended up buying a new helmet. Here’s a picture of me wearing my new motorcycle helment. I didn’t know it had the pop down a visor until I got it. Surprisingly pleased with the new helmet. Very disappointed with the new phone, It’s like they offset each other.

I look just like the cop in Terminator 2

Have a great weekend!

Miracle Battery?

Many months ago, my motorcycle battery died on my scooter. I was kick starting it for a long time. The battery is very specific because of the battery “”slot” on the scooter. No other battery could fit. I guess because of covid, the shop was having a hard time getting a new battery. They finally told me they probably couldn’t get one. So I looked into cutting the battery box to make a bigger battery fit. I took it all apart, and put it back together. It seemed doable. Just cut the plastic and find a way to support it by the frame.

We’ve had rainy days for the past month, more or less. Yesterday I decided to just go out and start the motorcycle because it because it had not been started in a long time. I turned the key and the lights came on, I was trying to kick started when I noticed the lights on. Bad battery means no lights (in this case). So I turned the key and it tried to start. The battery seemed strong but died kind of quickly because it hadn’t been used in a month. So I plugged in my battery charger and it charged fully. Now the whole scooter seems fine. Good battery, runs smooth easy to start. Can’t complain.

It’s a miracle! Of course, it’s still threatening to rain every day so I can’t ride it yet, but soon come!

Have a miraculous day!

British Airways Landing

Yesterday , coming back to work from lunch, my motorcycle dash cam caught the BA 777 landing. I think it’s quite cool. Please watch the 22 second video below.

I could smell the burnt rubber from the landing gear hitting the tarmac.

I could smell the burnt rubber from the landing gear hitting the tarmac.

Today, for work, I have a first aid class. I’m looking forward to the break in my routine.

Have a happy Prefriday

Queens Birthday/Bruce Day

Yesterday was the  holiday for the Queens Birthday. Happy Birthday Your Majesty! (She reads this blog every day)

Yesterday was also Bruce Day. Jun 13. You can look that up elsewhere in his blog.

My back’s been hurting. Lower back, like the arch in my back goes away. This time it’s lasted longer than usual.

Also, in the really big news category, Little One the cat came back after 9 days missing. The Wife saw her get attacked by dogs. Really really glad she’s back.

Got my scooter back Saturday morning. Almost a month in the shop. Seems fine though.

And that’s your Monday Tuesday weekend report!

Have a good week!

Three Days and a Wake Up

Today, tomorrow, Sunday, wake up Monday and go to Italy!


I am ready to go!

Today is my last workday, It has been my experience, that on the days I want to take it easy, it doesn’t happen.

My wife packed last night! Thats the signal I was waiting for!

I think my scooter is totaled. $600 to repair a $2500 (new) bike…

Time to go, not to Italy, to work.

Have a good day and weekend!