mixed Monday

I had a pretty good weekend. Friday I did the yard. Saturday we cleaned and had a mini fondue party. I wasn’t impressed by the fondue.

Sunday I went diving, and we watched a movie in the afternoon. Last night we had sish kebobs on the grill.
I am SOOO Boring.
A 67 Dodge Coronet like mine, except mine was white.

I’m pissed but not surprised GM is filing for bankruptcy. They racked up the debt, they need to pay it. No easy outs. I have never liked General Motors products. There was a list on Yahoo about 2 months ago listing the 10 worst cars ever made in the US. There were several GMs and Fords, NO CHRYSLERS! My first car was a 67 Dodge Coronet and I’ve always been a Dodge man ever since, till I bought my Toyota.
I think overpaid Union workers drive up the price but not the quality. The Unions have been killing the employers. Dodge filed for bankruptcy too.

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