Modern Day Dinosaurs

Here’s a photo of live chitons I took yesterday on rocks in the waves. Click pic to enlarge. They are very common. I count five in this picture.Maybe there’s a half of one in the bottom middle left edge of the pic. I’m not counting that.
Below is a picture of a chiton fossil from taken from the internet HERE. Chiton fossils have been found that are 10 million years old. And their descendants are still alive today, virtually unchanged. Read more here, if you’re interested.
Here is sort of a naturally occurring bonsai tree. These plants barely eke out a living in the rock. Searing sun in hot rock, hardly any rain. I took this picture today as well, about 10 meters from the chitons. These are all over the place too.
No point to be made today (maybe), just sharing some photos I took yesterday!


4 thoughts on “Modern Day Dinosaurs

  1. Hey, the comment box worked today! I always like your pictures. I always think mine are boring.

  2. Nice! Keep the nature photos coming, especially with dinosaur age references and I will have to use this link for our EarthScouts troop!

  3. It's a reassuring thought that with all the changes going on on this planet that something is as steady as in having had the same form in 10 million years. Nice shot!

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