Mom n Sister Head Home

Today my mom and sister head back to their respective homes. We had a nice visit, my cousins were here yesterday on a cruise ship, and we spent half a day together.

February is almost over already. January seemed long, but February sped by, putting 2018 back on the fast track. I find the time that goes by with ever increasing speed to be scary. When I turned 40, I figured that my life was about half over. I tell ya, this second half seems to be going a lot faster than that first half did.

I have weirdness on my tablet. I have some video files. When I copy them to an external drive, they seem to copy fine, but when I look on the external drive, they aren’t there. It’s weird!

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Mom n Sister Head Home

  1. It’s always fun to visit with family, isn’t it. We had a great trip to Norway to see that side of the family and the old stamping grounds two years ago. It’s always good to be home to relax, though, and be able to spend the entire morning in jammies if we want to do so. 😉

  2. I lost my dad and a brother to suicide. But I recall a conversation with a co-worker who cared for her mother until the end. She loved her mom, bathed her, fed her, watched her mom in pain get smaller, and her mom was fully there. At one point, she told her mom, if you want to go, I will help you. Her mom said no, and truly felt the Lord would take her when the time came. But she was ready to risk criminal charges had her mom said yes. No one should be placed in that position

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