I’m back at work on a Monday after a mostly rainy weekend. It was sunny yesterday afternoon and I put my boots out to dry and then last night it rained and got them all wet again. Sunday during the sunny spell I picked up more rocks from the yard. I feel like a crazy person picking up rocks, and I feel like I’m making no progress, but when I stop and look from farther away I can tell there’s less rocks. Plus the rocks are getting smaller and smaller, which is another sign of progress.
But there’s sections I haven’t even raked yet, and the weeds are growing tall again. I went to buy a weed whacker last weekend (not yesterdays weekend) but everyone was out of them. Maybe this week.
I got a message from the phone co saying my phone will be cut off if I don’t pay the bill. Funny, I paid it online, 26 Sep 2008, gotta get that sorted today as well.

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  1. What are you doing with all the rocks you pick up? Why don’t you stick those wobbly eyes on them and sell them at the local market as “Pet Rocks” or “Cayman Critters” and then with the money you make you could pay your phone bill….hah, hah

  2. The phone company said they had software problems, hence the automated voicemails.The rocks I’m just trying to get out of the yard so that if I ever have grass, I can mow.