Monday Bullet Post

· I think this week is going to be weird because The Wife worked yesterday, Sunday, throwing things off-kilter globally. Heck, I suspect even satellites are falling because of this.

· I need a way to increase the volume of my business. Waiting for the phone to ring drives me crazy, harassing my few clients drives me crazy. I want an office and shop. No way the business can support this at this time.

· I’m trying to show favoritism for our cat BTK. When I feed them other cats shove her out of the way and she allows it. She’s the Mom and all the rest are her kittens. But there’s food for all, and there needs to be no shoving going on. When the cats shove her aside, I try to shove them aside, but I can tell this is confusing for the cats.

· Tonight my favorite NFL team, the Washington Redskins play their rival Dallas Cowboys. I’d like to go see this game somewhere I could smoke a cigar.

· I thought I’d have a lot more bullet points for this post, but I’m apparently running out of steam.

· I really really like the widget I posted in my sidebar, that shows the live traffic feed. It seems that a lot of old posts get hit quite frequently, mostly “Fed Ex Whoops UPS’s Butt” and “A Movie Called RED

5 thoughts on “Monday Bullet Post

  1. .Could be why..May new clients see the light..Give momma her own bowl somewhere else..May the Redskins win big and you get to smoke your cigar somewhere..Just throw in some more dots..The Fed Ex post was pretty good.and here's an extra dot: or two or more.about the sunflowers…I couldn't grow them until sowing them in trays…then transplanting them into the ground. It worked..More bullet dots to you.

  2. Oh that's funny about the satellite! Our cats, the older one always lets the younger one (who is a total scaredy cat and won't even let me pet him after five years) eat first. I never thought of shoving him aside though to let the other cat eat first. I always just thought it was their business. Maybe I should try it though! He's such a scaredy – I probably wouldn't even have to shove. I'd just have to give him a mean look. 🙂

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