Monday Heroes Day Photo Post

It’s Heroes Day in the Cayman Islands, the largest national celebration of heritage and culture in the Cayman Islands.

National Heroes Day was first held in 2003 as part of the Cayman Islands’ year long quincentennial celebrations and was always intended to be the islands’ largest national celebration. The devastation wrought by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, thwarted subsequent plans to observe National Heroes Day in the proper manner until 2007.

Its return to the annual calendar amidst all the traditional fanfare was a resounding success, drawing crowds from all over the islands and evoking a spirit of community and pride which stirred the senses and moved the soul.

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Yesterday the wife and I went to the beach. Maybe we’ll go again today, Below are a few pictures from yesterday..

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5 thoughts on “Monday Heroes Day Photo Post

  1. Well Happy Heroes Day! Great Pics as always. I just sit back and watch them and wish I had the Caribbean for a back yard. Here is hoping that you got the day off with pay on Heroes day!

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