Money Junky

It’s about 3:15 AM. Couldn’t sleep, so I’m up doing some more lessons on my Network + Course.
I’ve been posting every day, but I feel like I haven’t posted anything at all in a long time.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of diving. It is really great. Even as a young kid I wanted to be a scuba diver. I really wish I could make a living diving. A lot of people do it, but the money isn’t generally good enough to pay the bills I already have. SO I’m locked into a high paying job in technology. Like a money junky. Wants to quit the habit, but can’t.
That’s supposed to be funny, anyone who reads this blog knows I’m not making any money these days, I’m living off of savings for the most part, trying to get my business off the ground. Even the easy things are turning out to be big obstacles. I’ve been trying to get my web site posted since December 6th, when I ran into technical problems which the phone company admits is their fault. I’ve been contacting them constantly, and finally got my first response from them last week. Maybe I’ll get the site up soon.
Yesterday I went to my cigar store. The place was dead. Usually on Saturdays it’s packed. Starting January first you can’t smoke in there any more. It’s like a gas station where you can’t bring your car on the property. It was nice, sitting in there smoking a cigar, then a tourist walks in, and you end up having a conversation, smoking cigars. Hopefully they’ll get this ventilation system and then we’ll be smoking there again soon.
I feel kind of down right now. I was looking at some old pictures, and am missing the “good old days”. Like last week. I know it’s crap, these are tomorrows good old days, but I can’t help feeling a little down, here in the middle of the night. Don’t worry, by the time you read this, I’ll be feeling all better!

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  1. hope you're feeling better. We are in wierd times. This too shall pass. I'm jazzed to hear about your business though!

  2. Hope this morning finds you in tip top form!! Hope you can get your web site up soon. Have you place an ad in your local paper? Run it for about 2-3 months. It needs to be there consistantly for awhile. Put out flyers at apt. complexes or at the post office, on cars at the grocery store…lots of ways to get yourself out there with a little leg work. Good luch with the telephoe co…debbie

  3. Mark, Praying you are feeling better by now. I've been struggling with the "blues" in relation to all my family worries, but I've realized that the blues and all the stress and worry are only affecting ME. How dumb is that the rest of my family are all having fun and doing what they want, so I've decided to join in :o)Sorry you are struggliong getting your business off the ground, we'll pray for you that it all comes together quickly and takes off full speed!Being a money addict is really true, you've been conditioned to be addicted to $$$ by banks, through advertisements and well everyday life. Remember you are trying to walk a narrow path and it's okay to stumble, just remind yourself to get back up and head down the narrow path again*wink*Blessings for your day, bet you are warmer than us!LOL!!!Kelle