More Contractor Problems.

Well, we passed the electrical inspection, finally, after more than three months. It finally got done when I started leaning on the electrician who apparently was unable to contact the guy who re-did the drawings. So I started leaning on him, I paid him in full. He said he submitted the drawings, but hasn’t heard back from planning. So I called planning to no avail. Ended up sending an email to the Director and everyone pertinent before I got a response. Turns out the drawer guy never paid the fee, (which I had given him to pay when he submitted the drawings). Soo I went to planning, paid the fee. Got a refund from the drawings guy.

A week later, the drawings guy calls me and says he got the drawings approved, but they were the old drawings approved again, not his new drawings. Then he stops talking, like end of story. Finally, I said “Welll? What are you going to do about it? Are you going to contact them?”

Anyway we got the drawing approved, Got the plumbing approved, and I’m waiting for the certificate of occupancy.

The problem now, is the massive cleanup that I’m prettu sure the contractor is going to try to wriggle out of. She obviously can’t read a contract. Cause I’m soo tired of this crap I’m ready to call a lawyer. Cleanup WILL be done!

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