Morning News

This morning my first words were “dammit Ditto, get the f*** out of the way”.  Someone said yesterday they wonder what the first words they say about were, but for me, it’s very noticeable. The breaking of the silence.

Right now I’m feeding cats, 3 this morning usually there’s 6. The dogs were being a major pain today as well.

Yesterday I took the scooter and then it got cloudy and rainy. I expected clear weather.  Today I’m taking the car.

We’re going to get the fence.  Six grand. It’s going to take the installers 4 or 5 days. Directly on the property line,  (a couple inches inside it). I want to make sure that they don’t clear any more trees and bush than necessary.

That’s it for today. I feel like I wrote a lot.

5 thoughts on “Morning News

  1. We bought our house brand new in 1962 and there were no fences anywhere. That worked for several years but now we have a relatively new 6 foot high cedar board fence that cost us over five grand when done. I am glad we did it. The privacy is great.

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