Most boring

My blog has been boring because my life has been boring. I am back at work after a long, boring weekend of clouds and rain. No beach, no diving. I feel like I’ve been saying that for months.
Thursday I start some vacation days. My Mom and Sister are coming for a few days, and I have vacation to use or loose. I know the weather will be better, because it can’t get any worse!
I did watch a good movie this weekend. Oscar, with Sylvester Stallone. It’s about a gangster who’s father makes him promise to go legit. It is not typical of Stallone and is very funny. It’s worth seeing.
Tonight I have a broadcast of the National Choir, and I hope it quits raining by then.
Have you a good week!

0 thoughts on “Most boring

  1. Hate to break it to you, but the forecast calls for some rain right through next week. Shouldn’t be too bad though, just some showers here and there. Sorry…LW

  2. I see the temp is 81…that can’t be all bad! The weather here the last couple of days has been sunny and warm…warm for December. Glad family is coming to visit you, that should break up the monotony.