Movie Industry Killing Films

Famous film writer David Germain claimed that this year’s box office receipts appeared below last year because the studios didn’t have a successful movie.

Back in 2010, they had Avatar and Dark Knight, but in 2011 they didn’t get a single must-see mass blockbuster. Nevertheless, this reveals one of the problems that the movie industry has been having adjusting itself to our digital era.

The movie studios have jacked up the price of a cinema ticket so much that they could now be compared to live concerts and restaurants. – Most people will just wait for the movie to come out on DVD and watch it at home.

The next problem is the inflated prices of food available in the cinema – indeed, it is unclear to everyone why popcorn and fizz, which have to be about the cheapest food products should cost so much.

The audience still loves films, but cinema theaters are losing their charm and the studios have lost the plot.

Meanwhile, the Motion Picture Association of America insists that everything will be all right if they could crucify some more file-sharing pirates.

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