Moving Backward

These past few days, it seems like the Cayman Islands is moving backwards in its attempt to open the borders. There were a couple positive cases on the street and a child in a school got a positive covid test.

Everybody is freaking out, buying hand sanitizer and toilet paper and wearing masks. The government has requested no large gatherings and it seems like we’re moving away from opening up instead of towards it.

I mean, once we open the borders we’re gonna have covid. It was expected, so I thought. But to me, by the reaction, the government and the press seemed to think that we were gonna open up and still have no covid in the Cayman Islands.

I think covid is like the flu, for the common cold, or car crashes. Covid is something that’s here to stay. Something that we’re going to have forever that has to be accepted.

I don’t mind wearing a mask I don’t mind doing almost anything I’m asked to do for the good of the herd, but we just can’t hide forever in lockdown or closed borders.