Covid, I’m done.

I’ll follow the rules, I’ll play the game, but I’m done caring about covid. If I get sick, it’s just going to be plain old sick. Covid sick is no different than any other sickness.

i’ll wear a mask, I’ll follow all the rules, but deep down inside, I don’t care anymore.

To me, it seems no worse, no more transmittable than any other sickness. It’s going to be here forever and it’s time to end the special treatment and lump it in with other everyday occurrences like the common cold, allergies, broken shoelaces and fender benders.

I’ll get more shots, wear the mask, take the tests. I’ll go with the flow and cooperate all I can but I don’t care if I get it and I don’t think it’s going to hurt me worse than anything else if I do.

Hasta maƱana!

Co-Void (covid)

Yesterday I got a message from one of my Sunday dive buddies that they tested positive for covid. Of course, being in the proximity, I was possibly exposed. As were we all. I took a covid test this morning, it was negative so I’m going to work like normal.

i didn’t think I’d ever use the home covid tests work gave me. But glad I had it.

have a great day! Stay safe

Covid in Cayman

Covid is here in Cayman. A friend of mine has it, many people I know have quarantined because someone they know having it. We are supposed to open our borders this November and I think we’re gonna do it come hell or high water. Get used to covid. Just like fender benders and zits. It’s here forever.

And I’m glad! I’ll be glad when I can travel and come back without quarantine.

Below is a picture of my cat, Knip, (the K is not silent) that I took yesterday sitting on the front of my van. He was on the roof and jumped down when I got in, then he jumped off when I started the engine.

The week is almost finished. Hang in there! I’m pretty sure you’ll make it!


Movie Night Again

Movie night was good last night. “When Harry Met Sally“. There was a friend of mine who had never seen it before with is. She said “I’ll have what she’s having” about 15 seconds before the line came up in the movie.

And another friend of mine just got out of quarantine yesterday afternoon, Then someone in her group tested positive and had to re enter quarantine about 6 hours after she got out. I don’t have the story straight in my head yet, but it seems to be insane craziness on someones part.

I’m on a vacation day today, and am going snorkeling.

have a great day!

Moving Backward

These past few days, it seems like the Cayman Islands is moving backwards in its attempt to open the borders. There were a couple positive cases on the street and a child in a school got a positive covid test.

Everybody is freaking out, buying hand sanitizer and toilet paper and wearing masks. The government has requested no large gatherings and it seems like we’re moving away from opening up instead of towards it.

I mean, once we open the borders we’re gonna have covid. It was expected, so I thought. But to me, by the reaction, the government and the press seemed to think that we were gonna open up and still have no covid in the Cayman Islands.

I think covid is like the flu, for the common cold, or car crashes. Covid is something that’s here to stay. Something that we’re going to have forever that has to be accepted.

I don’t mind wearing a mask I don’t mind doing almost anything I’m asked to do for the good of the herd, but we just can’t hide forever in lockdown or closed borders.

Covid Is Back

We knew it would happen when we started reopening our borders. Yesterday, for the 1st time in more than than a year, we found 2 cases of locally transmitted covid. Yesterday at the grocery store, I noticed probably 1 in 5 people wearing masks.

Star Fruit Tree

Several months ago I ate a star fruit. I saved the seeds and try to germinate them. I use the wet paper towel in the dark method. Of the 3 I tried only one sprouted. I put it in a pot and nothing happened for a long time but today I noticed it had come up. I hope she makes it!

it’s Friday! And looks like another yard work weekend.

havva goodun!

Good News & Bad News

She’s gonna blow!

The bad news is that Betelgeuse is going to blow up. Possibly in our lifetime. This would be cool to see, but bad for Orion, the constellation.

The good news is that Betelgeuse is not going to explode anytime soon.

she’s not gonna blow.

Yeay for Orion!

Betelgeuse not Beetlejuice. Say it out loud.

Twas a good weekend. We have a quarantiner staying in the apartment. Saturday the wife and I did some shopping and final touches getting the place ready. Our quaranteeny arrived late Saturday afternoon. After 24 hours, he says the apartment is marvelous.

Later this month, quarantine here in Cayman is going down from 14 days to 10 days. I’ll be glad when it goes down to zero (if you’re immunized).

Sunday, wifey went to a “Plant Swap” and I went diving and also got some sun.

Maybe there’ll be some underwater videos here tomorrow.

And I get my monthly co-void test this morning. Another Q-Tip up the nose…

Have a good week!

Blurry Days

It’s Thursday, but you can’t really tell. All the days are smooshing into each other. Yesterday I stopped at the pet store to get special cat food and bird seed for our neighbors, then the grocery store then the pharmacy, but I can’t tell it was yesterday. Does that make sense? My brain knows it was yesterday, but in my memory , it is indistinguishable from something yesterday, last month or last year. It’s a weird sensation. This lockdown has been going on a month? Less than? I can’t tell how long by any internal reference.

Have a good day. Don’t forget to keep turning the hourglass over! Keep putting those hashmarks on the wall!

“I’m here indefinitely.”