Mr Outta Control.

This is another day where I can’t think of anything to post about. It’s Friday, which is good. Today I have to go get the car inspected and licensed. It expired at the end of October. That’s right, I’m a felony criminal driver of the car two weeks after the plates expired. You thought I was Mr. Goodie Two Shoes and I’m really Mr Outta Control. I went yesterday to get it done, but they don’t do inspections when it’s raining. Can ya believe that? Welcome to the Caribbean!.

I just got up, showered, made coffee, walked the dawgs, got coffee, and sat down at the computer.

Last night was an event at my Wifes work. It was pretty nice. She’ll probably post about it, and you can read it there.

If you have a mobile phone, you can probably get this program called Qik. It lets you record video with your phones camera, and upload it straight to the internet.

Sorry for the lame post today.

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  1. hi mark, i just returned back to blog our old ones and found you as our first commentator. so i thought i'll sneak in to see what's going on. :)as for now i find there is much to learn from your blog. have a good day!