Multiple visitors

In the past two days, we have had multiple visitors. My wife has an old school friend here, and I have a cousin here, with the same name as me, except he spells his with “C” instead of my “K”.

So today we’re splitting ourselves in half, and half of me and my wife will visit everyone.
Not really, it’s diving with her friend this morning and meeting my cousin this afternoon.

Yesterday, from my roof, I saw a huge, I mean HUGE, object going by to the north, headed east. I think it was an oil rig. They sometimes assemble them in one place and float them to another, but this one was going the wrong way, usually they’re headed up to the gulf of Mexico.

Click both pics to enlarge

These are both the samee picture, one is just zoomed in and cropped.

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  1. That thing might be bigger than Little Cayman! Likely on its way around Cuba to start drilling VA's coast. The new gov. has decided that would be a good idea.