It’s Monday, I’m at work. OI Girl and I had the second weekend off in a row last weekkend. Next weekend she’s working Sat and I’m working Sunday. (It’s early, I’ll probably be working Saturday too)
We had a good weekend, we went to the beach, and she’s started swimming the half mile with me. I’m kickin’ her ass now, but it won’t be too long till she starts beating me, I have one speed only.
Last night we watched the movie “Magnolia”. What a weird movie. Where did the frogs come from?
Last week I ended up NOT needing a root canal. The dentist looked inside and said the nerve wasn’t exposed, and he could fix the tooth. If it’s good for another year or 5, I’m happy to not have a root canal at this time. They kill the tooth, ya know.
This weeks looking pretty busy, work-wise.

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  1. Yay no root canal, lucky duck! I know, I’ve tried to have a Magnolia conversation with people for a long time about the frogs in particular. Most people haven’t seen it or cannot explain. Tom Cruise made a couple of very bizarre movies there. Magnolia is one, Vanilla Sky is another and Eyes Wide Shut is the last one. I happen to like all three of those movies, but some explanation is necessary.