My fingerprints quit working

My fingerprints quit working. On my computer, and an external hard drive, there is this fingerprint scanner thing so you don’t have to type your password. It used to be that my left finger worked better than the finger I use on my right hand. Then it switched, and it seemed like the left worked better. Now neither work. I have to type my password. Since both fingerprint scanners quit working, it proves it is my fingerprints that have gone bad, not the scanner. Bummer

Inner Space is almost over, and I am getting my usual depression that all my friends are about to leave. Tomorrow is the last official dive, and everyone starts heading out Saturday.

2 thoughts on “My fingerprints quit working

  1. i have never had the balls to use that fingerprint thingy, pretty much for the reason that happened to you. what the heck do you do?

  2. I love the ocean..I love to look at it, smell it swim (very close to shore) in it and go on boats on it..but I'm so claustrophobic I freak out when I get under the ocean.

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