Name meme

Froggie Mom tagged me with a meme. It’s supposed to be your middle name, but I’m using my first because it’s shorter. I agreed to do this, but haven’t yet because I have been finding it very difficult.
Here are some facts about me using the letters in ‘Mark’
Here Goes:
M:My girlfriends boyfriend; I was listening to Radio Netherlands on the shortwave this morning and they were talking about males fooling around much more than females. I can’t imagine doing anything that would hurt The OI Girl.
A: Active: I hate being inside when it’s nice and sunny outside, I get more rest during the week than on the weekend. This includes work. I go to the beach at lunch, I have a hose and soap and deodorant in my car so that I can clean up before going back to work after a beach lunch.
R:Relaxed I think I’m relaxed but everyone else probably thinks I’m high strung. I just started medicine for hypertension.
K: I don’t KNOW what the K stands for. Maybe someone else Knows.

0 thoughts on “Name meme

  1. Hey – you did your ‘real’ name like I did. Let’s see, the ‘K’ must be for ‘K’ayman Islands. I know, I know, I couldn’t think of anything, okay? Too bad, you don’t spell it ‘Marc’, then it would’ve worked!