Natalie Time Lapse Video

This is a cool video from the news very recently.

“Natalie‚Äôs father took photographs of her everyday life for ten years. Her loving father then made a time lapse video of her growth from a toddler to a ten-year-old girl.

The whole video shows the growth of Natalie just in one minute and twenty five seconds”

Do a search for “Natalie Time Lapse Video” and you will see where I got this. I bet it took a LOT of painstaking work to make this video.

0 thoughts on “Natalie Time Lapse Video

  1. Not sure how I missed this, but tha was really neat watching her grow up. It was her hair that was so funny. From practically none to long. Like you said, it must have taken him a LONG painsteaking time to put that together. Really GREAT idea…debbie