Nautel FM V5

For the past three days, I’ve been being trained on the Nautel FM V5 transmitter. We installed it a couple of months ago, but the purchase price included training, so the factory rep came down here and went through each module and greatly increased my knowledge. I have an older Nautel too, a Nautel FM5.
Our competition has Harris Transmitters in my same transmitter room and I tell you, they’re real pieces of shit. Nautel is going to kick their asses in the future.

This training is also partly why I’ve been a little slack on my posting this week.

0 thoughts on “Nautel FM V5

  1. Bah. Real transmitters have tubes (and real tubes have handles). Mark, have you tried hot-swapping modules yet? (to see if it really works as advertised)

  2. Sheba DOESN’T eat my sleep, I wish she’d wake me up instead of ‘doing it’ on the back porch!The Brac and Little C. are east, you don’t fly over them on the way to Miami.Yes, it’s good to get new equipment, I have a bunch to hook up next week.Tubes are pretty good, but the new solid stare stuff seems much better. I replaced my tube types with two Nautels. And yes, I have hot swapped Harris Transmitters and Nautels (and some USN transmitters that weren’t supposed to be hot swappable!). But I normally just go ahead and turn it off first.