NBC is ruining it.

I am very disappointed by the NBC coverage of the Olympics. For the most part, they are showing only the Americans and not showing the other countries. I saw them fooling around for a half hour, the announcers playing badmittion with two members of the US Olympic Badmitton team.

A lot of time, they don’t even show the judges score of the other countries athletes. They were interviewing someone who came in 8th place this morning.

I wish we had a decent BBC feed covering the games.

0 thoughts on “NBC is ruining it.

  1. I agree, if I were an American, in America, watching an American TV station, I’d expect to see a lot of coverage of American athletes. Or, if I were in Australia, I’d expect to see mainly Australian athletes…you get the idea. NBC isn’t ruining it, they’re appeasing the people who pay their salaries; can you blame them?

  2. Surprisingly here in the States, there has been tremendous coverage on several different cable channels. It’s not all the U.S. teams either. Not sure what the BBC is showing.

  3. I agree with your comments here. I must admit though, after complaining about this to others they stated that if you had extended service or satellite they showed the Olympics on several different channels and alternative events simultaneously. Obviously, I’m a cheapskate like you and only have the one NBC and MSNBC. MSNBC didn’t cover any of the Olympics so I was stuck watching as you did. And I thought they sucked.Although, in the USA, no one really cares much about seeing the other countries therefore they don’t show them. There is only a handful that would have liked to have seen the other ceremonies, victories and interviews. Suppose if we want that in 2012 we better invest in better service. 🙂 Good luck in the storm!