Need another 10 feet

In the mornings, from my roof, I can see the cruise ships come in while they are out at sea, but I can’t see them when they reach port (Drop anchor) in town. . Yesterday, I took a broomstick, put my camera on the end, stood in a chair, and took a pic whilst holding the camera high as I could over my head. This is with no zoom.
I can see the cruise ships, there’s two, and if you click the pic to enlarge, you may see the stacks. But anyway, I think I need another 1o feet to stand on to be able to satisfactorily see town from my roof.

It’s Friday, and I’m very glad. I don’t know why I’m glad, but I’m glad.

6 thoughts on “Need another 10 feet

  1. I clicked the photo and think I saw the smoke stacks. I think 🙂 A rooftop patio sounds good. Is that a little timber cottage going up in construction? It's rather cute. At first, I thought it was your house.

  2. Standing on a chair can be a really bad idea…or at least the janitors of every school I've ever worked in has highly discouraged/banned it. Although I've always been ok until I tried to stand on the arms of a light office chair…Anyway, neat picture!

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