Never Seen Anyone Else

I’ve never seen anyone else, walking theur dogs, getting all angry like I do about the dogs pulling them down the street. I HAVE seen other dogs dragging their humans and the humans not doing anything about it.

Never seen anyone else in their yards, furious, telling their dogs to quit barking at nothing. I HAVE seen people who leave their barking dogs outside 24/7 and don’t do anything about it. I don’t know how they stand it, let alone disturb the peace and wreck the whole neighborhood constantly.

I was furious this morning. I find their incessant barking intolerable. I walk them, they apparently think they are in control of the speed and where we’re going. Afterwards I leave them in the yard, and by the time I get out of the shower, they’re barking. I don’t want to be the neighbor with the barking dog in the yard all the time.

I remember getting angry with Sheba, but the wife says these two are much worse than Sheba. I don’t necessarily agree, I keep hoping these two dogs will learn, but her statement made me wonder. I’ve always said Lenny was incapable of learning, because he’s so timid, but with Daisy around, he doesn’t seem so timid anymore. When Daisy isn’t around, Lenny turns into his old self, running away and hiding at every encounter.

I’ve never seen anyone else get so angry as me, demanding control over his dogs.