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My Wife started a new blog: A Photo A Day. Click the pic to check it out. Don’t worry, she’s still keeping her original blog too.

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Sols New Blog

I started this blog because I didn’t know what blogs were, and I needed to start an account to view them, or so I thought. SO when they asked for a title, I put “First Time”, because I thought my first blog would be a temporary, experimental blog, and when I got it figured out, I’d start a REAL blog. Now it’s been over five years, and I guess I haven’t got it figured out yet, because here I am. Still, someday maybe I’ll start a REAL Blog!

Last night we had the Bro and Sis in law, her Mom, and his friend over for dinner. It was real nice. We bought a whole tenderloin and I cooked it on the grill. I’ve come to the conclusion that my meat thermometer is about 20 degrees off, because it was saying medium, and the beef was still pretty rare. Other than having to take everything and put it back on the grill, the evening was perfect.

I had a cool dream last night. I was driving a marble through a well lit modern city. I say I was driving a marble, because I was on top of this rolling thing, my feet sticking out in front of me, and I don’t know how I was steering or anything. Kind of like sitting up in a dentists chair. I was looking for Viking Drive. I know I was close, because I recognized everything, (in the dream, not as a real place). I asked this couple in an office. (I think the guy was my new boss, who I just met, and the woman was Miss Jillian, my friends wife) They were very vague. Finally I asked Miss Jillian, very specifically, “If I go up the road to the main street, do I turn left or right to get to Viking Drive?” And she looked at me like she didn’t understand the question or wouldn’t tell me.
Also, it was like I needed stronger glasses, because I couldn’t read any street signs, although all the city lights and everything else seemed very clear. That’s why I couldn’t find Viking Drive by myself.
It was a nice dream, it was fun driving the “vehicle”, the city was very cool, and the colors and lights were very vivid.

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  1. First of all, you already have a REAL blog. If you've been blogging for 5 years, then you are REAL!! Silly fellow! You don't need to explain your title. Actually it's better left to the readers imagination…First Time…hummmm…and makes you wanna read it….sooooo, quit thinking you need a Real Blog because, my fine fellow, you've got one already!! First Time's a Charm!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely wifey! My Turkey friend I named Jeb. He is quite old, lives in the wild behind a farm about and hour and a half from me. I took this photo about 5 years ago … debbie