New Cat

This is LT, he is being assimilated into our cat clan. We call him LT because he has a Long Tail. He is very friendly and likes to be petted, held and scratched. The other cats don’t really like him yet but I can tell he’s trying to fit in. He sniffs somebody and they snarl at him, then he’ll lay down and be passive. I really think he is trying to fit in. I hope the other cats accept him.
Today is Tuesday on the calendar, but in the brain it’s Monday. Yesterday was a holiday here. So was Friday, big four day weekend. Went diving yesterday, pictures probably tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “New Cat

  1. I like the name. We once had a dog named Brown Dog. I named it. It was brown. Good luck assimilating, LT!

  2. we used to have a cat nicknamed FC…for fucking I got older I became less nice..which explains my white feral cat named "asshole."boy he does have a long tail.

  3. Great name and he has a really long tail! It sounds like he is doing all the right things with the other cats so hopefully it won't be long before the other cats befriend LT good luck

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