New Girlfriend

No not me, my dawg.
Walking the dawg this morning, he met this girl dog. He was really coming on to her and she followed us home. She might be the mother of
PePe, the neighbors dog I was calling Gargantor. Now she’s outside, and won’t go home. I guess she’s pretty hot, for a girl dog, big ol dangling boobies, and nice perky erect


(what did you think I was going to say?)
Maybe I’ll get a picture of her later.

The OI Girl is here, still sleeping. And I’m going to get more coffee.

0 thoughts on “New Girlfriend

  1. The dangling boobies comment reminds me of a tasteless joke I heard. I don’t remember all of it but basicly the guy says what happened to your mothers knee (she had a bandage on it) and the kid says “she got shot in the chest”. Tasteless, I know.

  2. Big ol’ dangling boobies! Now don’t all women need some of those!? NOT! But perky, erect…………………………………………ears are good.Glad to know that you let OI Girl sleep late. I am a late sleeper too and my hubby just leaves me alone and does his own thing while I am sleeping.