New Laundry Cabinets

My wife had new laundry cabinets custom built and installed yesterday. They look good, I’m quite impressed.

It was still pretty dark, and I took the pic with the light on, so the color looks weird. But I like them.

Cloudy Friday today, yesterday was almost cloudless, tomorrow should be too.

SwiftKey works pretty good. but if I start typing a word, and the suggestion comes up on the bottom of the screen and I select it, it puts a space at the end of my partial word instead of using the word I selected. I’m still figuring it out. I think Microsoft owns Swiftkey, which I don’t like, but I’ll be looking around later for something better.

And I’m runnin’ late so I gotta go!

Have a Great weekend!! (Swiftkey changed GREAT to Great…)

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