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Im sitting in my kitchen, on one chair, feet on another, waiting for the floor to dry. I just got done swabbin’ the deck.
I have a somewhat complex schedule today. first, I have to meet some tower riggers out where my transmitters are. There is a gas leak in the nitrogen system that keeps moisture out of the hollow cable that sends the signal to the antenna.
Then, I have a split shift as I am working tonight. This afternoon, I’m picking the OI girl up at the airport and we’re going shopping: Nemo party supplies for her co-workers young son, and a suit for her to wear to job interviews. She has her first interview tomorrow. She’ll probably get the job. She wants this one out of all her prospects.

Then she’s coming to work with me tonight. The Tuesday talk show is coming from our sponsors location, a sports bar. ( I normally do a talk show on Wednesday, just this once a month on Tuesdays, when it’s not in the studio)

I miss everybodies blogs. I am going to start visiting and leaving inane comments again.

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  1. So, does this mean OI will be on the same island as you if she gets this job??? Then you’ll have to change her name…she won’t be OI anymore! Hope she gets the job!

  2. Yeah, she’ll just ahve to be ‘the girl’ (TG).Don’t forget to stop by and leave a stupid comment at FroggieMom. ;^)

  3. Good Luck to OI girl. If she moves there you could call her MI girl…M(y) I(sland) Girl or TI girl…T(his) I(sland) Girl or how about I have too much time on my hands. There are plenty of other things to be doing than deciding what she will be called, especially since I already know her real name. DUH! I think I might go post something somewhere. I’ve run amuck on the internet! Good Lord help me…

  4. Actually I am a little slow sometimes and it took me a couple of months to figure out that you ere calling her Other Island girl. I thought you were calling her Ol’ girl as is “the old girl”. My bad. (I don’t think I’d tell her about my mistake if I were you)