News You May Have Missed

In Nigeria, terrorists pulled up to a high school and kidnapped all the girls. 190 girls missing for over a week now. Read article HERE. Not much about this on the US news media, wonder what it would be like if something like that happened in the USA?


NYPD Public relations stunt goes wrong: The New York Police tried to improve their image by inviting Tweeters to post pics of themselves with a NY Police Officer. They expected pictures of pretty girls standing next to burly handsome police officers. They got thousands and thousands of new pictures of Police violence. Read an article about it HERE. On Twitter, the hashtag is #mynypd .


Wonder if a PR person got fired for this?

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5 thoughts on “News You May Have Missed

  1. No, we didn’t hear about the girls in Nigeria on US news, but read about it in Norwegian news. Horrible.

    We saw the NY Police pics this morning on Fox News.

  2. You are correct…the first article you posted did not make the news here. One of the many reasons I subscribe to AP for my world news.

    However, the NYPD thing, may not have made the news but it is all over the internet. Thank you Twitter. Buzzfeed also picked it up and did a story on it.

  3. We heard about the kidnapped schoolgirls here. It’s dreadful!
    The poor girls are being sold or used in the most dreadful way by evil, disgusting people.
    You are right, if it happened anywhere else, it would be HUGE NEWS.

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