NFL Football Underdog Fan

I was looking at my NFL Odds website, to get a feel of how things look, and I realized I’m for all the underdogs.

GO Baltimore Seattle Green Bay Jets!

NFL Odds Divisional Playoff Games – NFL Football Odds
Divisional Playoffs
NFL Game Odds 1/15 – 1/16, 2011

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
1/15 4:30 ET At Pittsburgh -3 Baltimore
1/15 8:00 ET At Atlanta -1.5 Green Bay
1/16 1:00 ET At Chicago -10 Seattle
1/16 4:30 ET At New England -9 NY Jets

0 thoughts on “NFL Football Underdog Fan

  1. I'm rooting for Seattle. Not because I used to live there, but because they are the underdoggiest of the underdogs.