Nice Dreams

Last night I slept good, and had good dreams. I dreamed I got to go back out to sea on my first ship, the USS Somers. My dream was being on the ship, out at sea, at night. I was me now, not me back then and the crew was all young, not old like me, and I didn’t know anybody. But I was walking around remembering stuff and it was really nice. It was night and there was ‘darken ship’ set and I remember the breeze and the red lights and it was really great.
I had other good dreams too but can’t remember them.
USS Somers DDG 34~1981-82

Last night we watched the movie 127 Hours. Intense movie, based on a true story. On YouTube you can find a lot of video of the real Aron Ralston including a six part series I started watching.

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  1. What a cute little ice cream truck! We still have them here in the summer. They are expensive now days!! You and your dreams. At least you didn't drown or anything last night! Must of had something yummy for dessert. Can't say I've ever heard of that movie. Hope you and Wifey have a great weekend!! You going diving?? …debbie