No Barking!

I’ve been trying to teach Daisy ‘no barking’ in the house for years, but now, the pressure is on. She barks at every bump and things you can’t even here. She acts offended that anyone would dare make noise, and goes charging off in a fury 9f growls and barks about 5 feet, then realizes she’s indoors and can’t do anything about it. Apparently she thinks she’s running the planet.

the apartment renters come and go several times a day, and Daisy still apparently doesn’t realize they are living here.. She barks and growls each and every time they come and go. I realized that she wakes me up from sleep multiple times a night, but I wake up and not realize it was her barking that was responsible.

She’s finally getting the idea and is trying real hard, but still has a long way to go.

Good Lenny and Daisy the source of all evil.

Lately, (since yesterday ) when Daisy goes off barking, I’ve been giving Lenny a treat. If I hear a bump and Daisy doesn’t bark, maybe they’ll both get treats.

Have a wonderful Day!