Bird In The Tree

I was just thinking about this type of bird, and the next day, after a long absence, one reappears.

It’s called a White Crown Pigeon, according to the internet. It was much larger than a pigeon though.

Happy Tuesday, have a great day!

Sunrise & a New Cat

Above is yesterday’s sunrise. It’s already hot today, 5AM and it was hot in the dark.

Not a great shot, but a new cat has been getting fed with the cat clan. She looks like a relative of Albie, a cat from years ago who for some reason, I’m sure was taken by an owl.

So Happens It’s Tuesday. Havva goodun’!

Need A New Home For Daisy

This morning Daisy attacked Lenny and there was blood droplets on the floor when I got there. This is the final straw. She has never showed aggression toward a person, (beside barking) but if she ever bites anyone it will be already too late.

Just now there was a noise outside and Daisy jumped up growling and Lenny jumped up in a defensive manner. Who knows? If I wasn’t in the room maybe Daisy would have attacked Lenny again just now.

Bad News For Daisy

Daisy failed her assessment at the dawgie day care yesterday. She was aggressive with other dogs. She can’t go back. Daisy is the aggressive one with the dogs across the street too. Daisy is the aggressive one when she attacks Lenny out of frustration. Tales of her aggressiveness caused a pet sitter to back out at the last minute, resulting in a wasted airplane ticket to Jamaica. You may remember that from reading it here.

She seems to be getting more aggressive as she gets older, a big negative

I have a higher ranking pet trainer coming this Saturday, but it’s not looking good for Daisy.

I have an advertisement running, looking for a new home for her. On the plus side she’s only aggressive with other dogs, not people. On the negative, if you’re in the way when she’s aggressive with other dogs, it might not be good. I’ve been bit “by accident”, trying to get her away from another dog she was attacking.

I feel like I’ve done everything I can do with Daisy and we’re reaching the end of the rope for her. She has never been a good learner and has never been a very trainable.

this makes me sad.

Happy Passover!

last night was a nice Seder. Good food. I remember last year, they gave us more than we could eat, this year was perfect!

the dogs got their shots yesterday, today I’m taking them to the daycare place for their entry evaluation. Daisy will be going probably twice a week to try to expel some of her excess energy. I have to leave for work a half hour early to drop them off.

No Barking!

I’ve been trying to teach Daisy ‘no barking’ in the house for years, but now, the pressure is on. She barks at every bump and things you can’t even here. She acts offended that anyone would dare make noise, and goes charging off in a fury 9f growls and barks about 5 feet, then realizes she’s indoors and can’t do anything about it. Apparently she thinks she’s running the planet.

the apartment renters come and go several times a day, and Daisy still apparently doesn’t realize they are living here.. She barks and growls each and every time they come and go. I realized that she wakes me up from sleep multiple times a night, but I wake up and not realize it was her barking that was responsible.

She’s finally getting the idea and is trying real hard, but still has a long way to go.

Good Lenny and Daisy the source of all evil.

Lately, (since yesterday ) when Daisy goes off barking, I’ve been giving Lenny a treat. If I hear a bump and Daisy doesn’t bark, maybe they’ll both get treats.

Have a wonderful Day!

Bath Day

Here’s a pic of Lenny and Daisy. They had baths yesterday and feel really good.

Funny, normally I wash them on the back porch, ladies first, and Lenny can see what’s going on and try to avoid the bath. This time, I washed them downstairs in the front and Lenny was jealous Daisy and I were outside and he was alone indoors. When I opened the door he came bounding out excitedly. I wish I could have captured the look on his face when he realized it was bath time!

Both dogs resist a bath Lenny more than Daisy, but live it once it starts and afterwards.

have a great day and don’t forget to take your bath!

Painting Done – For Now

I painted for my second weekend in a row now, I am finished with the front and back porches. There’s still the sides but I cannot do it with the equipment I have.

Below is a picture of a chicken, walking on the apex of the neighbors roof. Why? How?

Happy Monday! Have a great week!