Not as good as yesterday.

Today wasn’t as good as yesterday, not that it was bad. I woke up early, before the alarm. I was going to post this morning “NO Sunrise” because it was still pitch black, no eastern glow. Orion was high and pleiades was directly overhead. Definitely a winters evening sky. Winter is coming! I hate to say it! That fancy singing bird I was talking about a month or so ago is long gone! Probably down in Aruba!
I didn’t have time to post this morning though, I had to go to work early. Besides yesterdays post was really late last night.
I had a split shift today, I went to lunch at 11:30 and went back to work at 3 for the talk show. Wouldn’t you know it? It got cloudy and rainy when I got off and quit by the time I was driving back to work!
By dive buddy and his girlfriend went back to the UK yesterday. Diving may get a bit scarcer.
Everyone I know is a multi-house, multi counrty jet-set millionaire and I’m just a lowly working jerk! Poor poor me!!!

Well, this certainly is an exciting post. I’ll quit before you fall asleep.

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  1. Someone has to be the lowly working jerk right? I wouldn’t worry about it, at least you get to be a lowly working jerk in a place that sounds like there’s a lack of lowly working jerks.

  2. Hate to hear that the weather ruined your long lunch hour yesterday. I know you were looking forward to it…… and I can relate to the multi-esk stuff you are referring to — I have lots of friends like that too. Don’t feel like you’re alone — there are tons of us out there that feel like we’re just the lowly working jerk! Myself included… Hope today (Thursday) is better for you!