Not As Planned

yesterday didn’t turn out at all like I expected it to. I found water dripping in the car park that was coming from the bathroom. I called the plumber and they had to fix a leak.

Crack in the carport ceiling where the water was coming out...

I got done with the plumber just in time to go to the dentist. I thought I was in pretty good shape dental wise, but apparently not. I got to work just in time to go to a meeting.

The the day went by, and I feel like I got very little done.

Now it’s November 1st already, I find that incredible. Every year is indeed getting shorter. Seems like.

Have a wonderful day, unless you’ve already made plans to do otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Not As Planned

  1. Here’s a dental comment about something I learned about the hard (expensive) way. I you have a tooth pulled you have a gap. Their solution is a bridge. $3000. To do the bridge they have to grind down the two good teeth on either side of the gap then attach the bridge to the now the not so good teeth. Fixed, right?

    Well if one of the support teeth goes bad, they pull the bridge off and fix the support tooth ($$$), then put a new bridge back on ($3000).

    If I were starting over in life, I would do a post in the gap. It might cost a little more money upfront, but in the long run, it could save you money.

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