Busy Good Weekend

it was a very good, busy, full weekend. Friday I had dinner with some friends from out of town and in town, quite a large group of us went out and had burgers at Sunshine Grill.

Friday daytime, the old tenant moved out of the apartment. Saturday the cleaning lady came and we cleaned the apartment. And Sunday a new tenant moved in. Quite busy.

Saturday was the Butterfield 800 meter Sea swim. Good news and bad news there, the good news is that I came in last place in my age category. The good news is that I came in first place in my age category. I was the only one in my age category.

Saturday night I went to a friend’s birthday party at Hard Rock Cafe. It was very good with lots of food. And people. I don’t think I’ve been there since before covid.

Sunday, I went to beach yoga in the morning, then took Lenny the dog to the beach and to Camana Bay around mid-day, and then went to. Bar B Que in the afternoon.

Now it’s back to work on another Monday.

Have a great week!


today is possibly Daisy’s last day here we’ll see how the day pans out. I am very undecided and I am sure I will be regretting my decision whichever it is

Special High Intensity Training

this weekend I actually made some phone calls to find a new home for Daisy. She’s been here 5 years and still cannot walk on the leash without yanking my arm out she ignores me she is not learned the basics of living inside a house. She’s a very naughty girl.

But, I’ve had a change of heart, and I’m going to hire a special trainer to come in and see if any progress can be made in correcting her behavior.

Crazy Daisy Dukes better learn to toe the line.

4 Day Weekend

Day one of the four day weekend starts with dick clouds and strong winds, and no rain. It is not going to rain no matter what, Seems like.

I’m still seeing a counselor about my divorce. But it not really about the divorce anymore.. My counselor said yesterday that my self-loathing undoes the therapy in between sessions. I recommended a lobotomy. Ha ha!

Have a great weekend!

Caterpillars Again

Caterpillars are in my busg tree again. Last year I sprayed and killed them. Twice. This year I’m letting them eat the whole tree.

More than half the foliage is gone already. They are very voracious eaters. If the tree dies, oh well, I’m sorry. I won’t miss it.

Supposedly the caterpillars make monarch butterflies. I wonder if I’ll have cocoons?

If the tree dies, it’s coming down, cocoons or not. Killing the tree is suicide for the tree killers

Life is hard.

Flying Low

Im doing my US taxes and it looks like I’ll owe in the neighborhood of a hundred grand. Trouble at work, trouble everywhere. And when I have trouble with everyone around me, it’s usually isn’t all if them, it’s me…

Im in a low place, I have a lotta lotta lotta things to be grateful for, but I’m still going through a rough patch.

Phone In Bed

I have to stop with the three “It’s” in bed Twitter, Tumblr and TikTok. It keeps me awake too late. Sometimes almost 10:30 or 11. I don’t have any other social media, (except unused LinkedIn.)

I need sleep. More sleep, better sleep all sleep. I like to read, but the phone gets in the way of reading, book in hand, phone on book. By the time I put the phone down, there’s not time to read.

i gotta try to get control .

It’s very cold and winds from the north again this morning. I went to my swim spot yesterday and it was very rough. I think I’ve swam twice in the past 2 months.

Not a very positive post today…

Havva goodun anyway !

No More Slack

Daisy has been really good at her no barking training.. I decided to leave her out of her kennel while I went out last night.

I came home to a little dog party. Lenny was on the sofa, (not allowed) and Daisy was on hyperdrive, bouncing around like a madwoman in a pinball machine. Lenny just wants to be rebel badass and impress Daisy. The worst he can think of is getting on the couch.

Apparently, this newfound freedom caused Daisy forget she’s not supposed to bark in the house and her barking kept me up again.

All training forgotten in an instant.

I’m the one who has to stop thinking the dogs have learned or changed and stop cutting them slack. I’ve done it before and always tell myself not to do it again.

Oh well, they’re good dogs, They just need to be “managed”.

Cold, cloudy and windy here today. The temperature probably won’t even reach 80⁰.

Have a great day!

Different Caribbeans

I usually walk to the sea during my morning dog walk. I stand there and try to make a memory for the day that I can come back to. Part of my prayer/meditation/get my head on straight morning routine. Several times a week, I swim during my lunch break. I usually swim 800 meters, half mile.

it occurred to me this morning that the Caribbean Sea of my morning walk is not the same Caribbean Sea as my lunch time swims. In the morning, the sea is something to cling to, for comfort, safety and peace of mind. At lunch, the sea is more like a companion, “let’s go, you and me buddy”.

Yesterdays swim was excellent . Challenging. The swell was from the south, current from the north. The wind on my face told me to swim north . I swam down and back, and had about 715 meters. To get my 800 meters, out to the parked dive boat for the extra distance. Swimming back from the boat, the current was very strong against me. At first the bottom was not moving in accordance to my swim strokes. I had to put some extra reach and stretch into it to get going again. It was excellent.

The sea and I were communicating. The wind told me which way to swim first. The sea spoke and I was glad to be able to answer.

I intended to swim 800 meters, I actually swam about 913 eters. 999 yards.

i wish I swam that extra yard! Hope I get to swim again today!

Tension To Tranquility

Today is back to work after a full weekend. Next weekend I have to commit some time to yard work and housework.

Yesterday I attended this workshop. It was very full. To be honest, I wasn’t that impressed. I already knew and incorporate most of the techniques covered. One new one that I like is 54321, list in your head or on paper:

5 things you can see
4 things you can hear
3 things you can feel
2 things you can smell
1 thing you can taste.

this will bring you back to the present moment if you find yourself preoccupied with the past or future. The workshop was good, overall, just for me, not much new.

Happy Monday , have a great week!