Not Dead Yet

This is a picture of my car, the one with the “bad transmission”. I had another that I wanted to post but couldn’t find it so I took this one.
today I went diving. We saw one Spotted Eagle Ray. I’ve been told that if you take a plastic water bottle down with you, fill it with air and make crinkling noises it will attract sharks. So I took a half liter water bottle down and did just that. No sharks. My divemaster buddy told me that 8 out of 10 times, he has seen sharks while crinkling the bottle, I’ve done it twice without seeing any, that means the next 8 times I will definitely see sharks! Ya Hooo! One cool thing, I filled the bottle completely with air and as I ascended the air inside expanded and expanded. I thought the bottle would burst but it didn’t, when I got to the surface it was tight as a drum and very swollen looking.
Tonight I went grocery shopping. I spent $164 and came home, put the stuff away and now it seems there’s nothing to eat. My house absorbed it. I did get cookies, but already ate the whole bag. Ginger bread men. And 2 cases of water.
Anyway, I’m in a hurry to post this, so bye for now!!!!

0 thoughts on “Not Dead Yet

  1. Why is “bad transmission” in quotation marks?It’s odd about the groceries seeming to disappear, that always happens to me too.

  2. Hey that happens with my shopping too!Why do you want to attract sharks? Amd what types do get around there?

  3. I think you are crazy to want a shark to get anywhere near you, but you might know that already! Hope you have a good dive today.

  4. Beck, Check(another rhyme!)my July postsOh Debi, there ain’t no sharks here. Nurse sharks sometimes. people say they’ve seen hammerheads, but I never have.Christa, sharks are one of the most beautiful and coolest types of fish.

  5. What a happy looking car, sitting in paradise under palm trees with a beautiful ocean view. I want to be your car. My groceries disappear once I get them home too. And they now cost twice as much as they used to from only a year ago.