Not much fun

The OI Girl and I spent Friday afternoon at the airport, being bullshitted two hours at a time. Then the trip to Costa Rica was canceled. Problems with the plane. Also the Panama trip was canceled. Two planeloads of people, all at the airport together.
I was very disappointed to say the least. The OI Girl is too, but she was the one cheering me up.
Her family had the whole time planned for when we were there, and from what I understand, are devastated.

Who knows when we’ll get another chance to go.

Funny thing, a guy at the dive shop was telling me they had a woman in the shop who was irate because they couldn’t get a ticket because they were told the plane was out of commission. I told the guy we already had tickets, and we kinda thought the lady was mistaken, or talking about some other trip.
I guess not…..
At the airport, someone else said they heard rumors of plane problems the day before I did.

Funny thing is, if I had known a day earlier, I could have gotten another flight. It seems that the charter company knew and kept their mouth shut. The charter company is blaming the airline, (Atlantic Air, out of Honduras.)

So we had an OK weekend, we went to the beach Saturday and diving today. We’re both still off tomorrow.
Then it’s back to work, Forever.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your trip.My last trip to Cayman was in July.The plane (Delta) got it’s antenna knocked off on the way down, but that was repaired in Atlanta.I got stuck trying to leave because the landing gear couldn’t be repaired. So an extra day in Cayman.Sitting at the airport sucks, big time, while they don’t tell you what is going on.However, when we finally got to the beach at 5pm, I forgot all about my inconvenience!And you live there!