Not Much Storm

The storm passed to the south of us, we had about 10 minutes of rain and high wind while I was at work. I tried to take a video of sheets of rain, blowing across the tarmac, but the door I was standing next to blew open, hit me in the arm really hard. And the video didn’t come out! Seriously, it almost broke my arm.

Went and saw the new Star Trek movie last night. It was quite good. I’m getting a little confused about the young Spock/old Spock thing though. I guess, if there’s more Star Trek movies, Leonard Nemoy won’t be in it any more, since he passed. Is the young Spock destined to do everything the old Spock did?
This morning is quite cloudy and breezy, but supposed to be clearing up today.

I miss my wife. Even when she’s in there sleeping, it’s comforting to know she’s there. I can’t remmember my life before she was in it, and can’t imagine life without her. Four days and a wake-up till she’s home!

Have a great day! 

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