Not only the Austrailian Humans, the Aussie Bats too!

Australian scientists find bats have regional accents

SYDNEY (Reuters) – It’s not just people who have different accents but bats as well develop dialects depending on where they live which can help identify and protect different species, according to Australian scientists.

Researcher Brad Law of the Forest Science Center found that bats living in the forests along the east coast of the state of New South Wales had different calls.

He said scientists had long suspected bats had distinctive regional calls — as studies have shown with some other animals — but this was the first time it had been proven in the field.

(Reporting by Belinda Goldsmith; Editing by Steve Addison)

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  1. Awwww look at that gorgeous little island down the bottom…..and for your info….we don't have the big bats down here on the island state….just those tiny little suckers…and I think they speak Chinese:)

  2. I'm glad someone commented on this post. It took a lot of work to post this post.I had to go to Australia, paint the whole thing red, paint giant letters with the names of all the states and major cities. Get floating letters for the ones at sea. Paint the freaking Batman sign in the middle. Then I had to get in a spacecraft, go up in space and take the picture. THEN I had to go back to Australia (and Tasmania) and on my hands and knees, scrub up all the paint with a bucket of soapy water. I'm glad someone appreciates this post and all the work it took enough to comment! Thank you vary much Nola!