Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Last night I went to sleep at 8:30, knowing it was a mistake, but unable to do anything about it.
I woke up at 1:40, and have been awake ever since. This behavior tends to snowball, because today, I’ll get tired, and want to go to bed early, perpetuating the cycle. The only thing to do is punch through today and stay up till a proper bedtime.

0 thoughts on “Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  1. I like that saying about Facebook for finding old friends and Blogger for making new ones! I like all the new 'friends' I have made through blogging that's for sure!I hope you can stay up later tonight! We always go to bed at 11pm…. and get up between 6 and 7am. Works for us….Have a nice day dude.

  2. Okay I've been doing the same thing, not the early to bed time though, just sleeping about 3-5 hours and then BOOM wide awake. Mine is related to female hormone chnages( no need for details). Any hooo…. I find that if I cat nap for 10-15 minutes around 4 to 4:30pm I'm able to then get myself back on routine again. Now that's not saying I'll sleep longer than 3-5 hours, just back into the right time slot*wink*Sweet dreams,Kelle