not Too Busy

I got up early this morning to study. I think I am almost half way done with my course. Then I can start the next one, the one I want to get under my belt.
I didn’t really get up early, I got up at 5:15, my normal time, but I haven’t really been getting up that early lately.
Yesterday I mowed the yard. I think I must have the crappiest working lawnmower on Earth. First, the pull cord broke, I replaced it. Three wheels fell off during the mow, I had to replace a bolt and put the wheels back on. And finally the mower blade broke in half. I went out and got another one. Actually, the hardware store didn’t have any my size, and the owner gave me an old rusty one for free. It matches my mower perfectly!
Today I have a dental appointment. I had originally named this post “Too Busy” but changed the name.

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