Officially Beached

Well, I am officially beached.I had to send a part of my rebreather off for repair. remember I told you one of the green LED’s quit? Well, the other green quit too. So I sent it back to the UK for repair. The US representitive PROMISED a quick turnaround time.

This is a Giant Green Parrotfish from yesterdays dive, They eat coral and you can hear the scraping sound when they eat. I carry an inexpensive camera, in an underwater housing, rated to 100 feet, which I have taken to 160. I it fits in my pocket and if I see something to take a picture of, I take it, but I usually don’t get good results. I have an Nikonos V underwater camera with a 15mm lens that is a really really good camera, but I just don’t like fooling with it, film and “O” rings and the flash and the cable and putting it together and taking it apart and it is just a pain in the butt.

Giant Green Parrotfish

0 thoughts on “Officially Beached

  1. lol ‘officially beached’ makes me think of a whale. :Pi really love your underwater’s like being in your very own underwater museum. ;)i hope you’ll be able to get your thing repaired soon so the deep sea will be yours again…:)

  2. Your photos are wonderful! Reminds me of the one time I went snorkling. :^)I have a daughter who is a marine scientist. She has tried diving, but it’s not for me. Snorkling is simpler.