One day and a wake-up

I’m sittimg on the front porch typing this. This is what most of my posts
will look like while I’m gone, That’s IF my phone works in Costa Rica. I
just got done mopping and the floor is all wet. Today will be a very busy
day. First, I have a lot to do at work. Then I have to go to the bank, buy
OI Girls birthday present, buy dogfood for when the dog goes to the
sitters. (they have a little girl dog and I’m afraid my dog’ll like it
better there than here). After work I gave to go to the airport and pick up
the OI Girl. Also I hope to remember everything I’ve forgotten before I
leave. I stayed up past midnight last night and got up a little after 5.
I’ll be tired later I bet..
I feel like I’m in a hurry!

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