One Hundred Thousand

I’ve been wanting to post this post. I probably can wait a few more days and still do it safely.
Soon I will be at 100,000 hits on my blog.
Well, not really, since I didn’t put the counter on at the same time I started the blog, I don’t really know exactly what the count is. But it’s close I rekkon and it’s what I go by.
The Bravenet counter has been here since May 2005. The flag counter is relatively new.
Anyway, I’ll be keeping an eye on the counter these next few weeks, looking for it to go past 100K

4 thoughts on “One Hundred Thousand

  1. Wooo HOOO! Magic number that.I too have a 'hit counter' that I did not start right at the beginning of my blog.I'm at 640,000 or there abouts. I can't wait to hit a million! But that won't be for another 3 years or so I think! Wonder if I will still be blogging by then?

  2. I wish you'd put a little ditty so we can join your blog without going to my favorites. Would like you to come up automatically – that would be great. How come you don't have one??? …debbie

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