One or the other

I’m up, ready to go to work. I didn’t even check my blog yesterday.
Saturday I left for work at 11AM, I didn’t get home till after 2AM, I didn’t get a break at all, much less the long one I was anticipating. It wasn’t bad, but I was getting a little crabby by the end.
Sunday I slept till 8 or 9, then did the dive. It was a most excellent dive. We got in at Bonnies Arch condos, our usual spot these days. We swam south against a fairly strong current out to the main dropoff then cruised along the top of the wall at about 120 feet. After about 38 minutes we got to the “Black Hole” and descended further and went through it. It is like a chimney at the bottom of a funnel. Then it curves out and from the other side it is like a cave in the side of the wall. When we came out it was like swimming along a sheer cliff, with infinite depth below. The we cruised along at 220 feet for a while, 10 or 15 minutes, and slowly began to ascend. We came up along the top of the wall, cruised along the sand flats to the mini wall, finished our deco and came up. It was great. Then I went to the dive shop and got a tank I had there being filled and rinsed my gear. There was a film crew there from the Travel Channel, maybe you’ll see me walk by in the background, but I didn’t talk to them. I very seldom watch TV.
Then I came back home, somehow fell asleep and woke up just in time to go to the Astronomony Society meeting. It was a nice night but got cloudy. But there was a lot of people there and it was still nice.
Interesting contrast between these meetings and Photo Club meetings… I feel very comfortable at Astronomy Club meetings and very uncomfortable at Photo Club meetings….
Now it’s back to work. My thoughts are on the AC that has to be installed, the burnt up transmitter I have to fix, the mashed up satelite dish I have to repair or replace, my drivers license expired and I need to get a new one TODAY, and I have to send my Xmas cards out. It’s already late for that.
Sometimes I think I have the best job in the world, and sometimes I think it’s the worst. One or the other and never anything in between.

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  1. That dive sounds kinda scary! Sounds like you have a busy day ahead!And, now that you got all the checks you need does that mean Beck and I aren’t allowed to come stay for a month or so?