one way diving

Today I did a dive from Dive Tech to a little fishermans marina just about a quarter mile towards town. There is some great coral along there and so many fish…. I like making the one way trips on the rebreather, I see a lot better stuff. We just put all the gear in one car and leave the other at the get-out place and drive back and get in and dive to where the second car is.

Today I had an almost incident. I was at 145 feet and wanted to add some diluent and added O2 by mistake. Then I couldn’t figure out why my PO2 went up (to about 1.45). So I tried to add another little squirt of diluent and added O2 again. My PO2 went up some more and I quit breathing and exhaled as I tried to do a dil flush but used O2 again. MY PO2 went WAY WAY up (Like 2.55 PO2) but I wasn’t breathing it. Then I switched to my bailout gas and at the same time realized what I was doing wrong and did a flush using the correct gas and everything came back to normal. So I went back on the loop and continued on the dive. I never breathed any PO2 higher than 1.6 the whole time and the whole thing was over in seconds, but dang! It could have been a really really bad screw up! (You add O2 by pressing a button on your right and add diluent by pressing a button on your left, I was pressing the wrong button).

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  1. “Rich right, lean left”. A great post there, Mark.Good call for bailing out and resolving the issue to get back on the loop. Might be time to run a few drills again and reacquaint yourself with the operation of your rebreather. As Richard Pyle said, “Complacency kills.” I try and do skills every 20 hours or so on the breather.Dave

  2. Yeah no kidding! That’s EXACTLY how people get killed. One minute everything is ok and 90 seconds later you’re dead! It was when I was reaching for my bailout that “Rich On The Right” popped in my head and it all clicked.

  3. Hi Mark – I followed your profile back here after you left a comment on my blog. Thanks very much. You’re the first complete stranger to post there.Great site, btw. Lots of groovy colours (I feel stoned just reading through it – at least I think I do, I’ve never actually been stoned) Lots of interesting pictures. You worry far too much for someone living in such a beautiful corner of the world.