Outta Control Friday

This morning I’m sitting on the front porch instead of the back. Outta control. I don’t know why I don’t do this more. The sun rises on the front porch, everybody knows it.

Yesterday they cleared the bush off the vaacant lot next door. (Hope they aren’t planning on building) Now Daisy the dawg sees new things never seen before and she’s growling and wants to bark. Damaging the morning peace and serenity.

The early morning sound of West Bay in the Cayman Islands is, I think, unique to the world. Hundreds of roosters crowing, with like a 3D effect, They’re all different distances apart sounding. The sound of a rooster really travels well, accoustically speaking. And if you’re on the phone and a rooster crows, the person you can talk to will hear if perfectly.

Yesterday I stopped by the drug store, and saw this:

What’s it for? Witches brew? Poor kitties too.

Have a great weekend!