Overboard (both of them)

Sunday night my wife and I watched the movie Overboard from 2018, last we watched the movie Overboard from 1987. Both were very very good!

In both, a millionaire falls overboard from their yacht, and gets amnesia. The 1987 millionaire is Goldie Hawn, the 2018 millionaire is Eugenio Derbez. Both get abandoned by their “patners”, who deny knowing them, because are snobby and nasty and mean.

Both screwed over workers who came on their yacht to do some work, Kurt Russel, who’s a carpenter in 1987, and Anna Faris in 2018. Both get picked up from the hospital by the people they defrauded for the purpose of revenge.

Both are super-goodand suitable for all ages, except for some minor cuss words. And butt shots in the beginning.

I recommend you see them both, just like we did, two nights in a row.

I’m running super late this morning, so I gotta go! It’s supposed to be sunny so I’m taking the scooter!

Have a great day!